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United Steel Storage, Inc. has been a stocking wholesale distributor of storage and handling products since 1981. We provide quick shipments on the most common types of storage equipment. Our inventory levels always hover around $1,000,000 and we can provide one beam to several truckloads of rack on short notice.

Our stock includes roll formed pallet rack frames from 24” deep to 48” deep and 96” to 240” high. Roll formed pallet rack beams are available in several capacities from 48” to 144” long. We have the most common accessories to go along with the racking. We also stock 15 sizes of wire decking.

Our shelving inventory includes 36” x 12” to 48” x 24” shelving in heights from 75” to 123” tall. We can provide open or closed shelving with or without base strips. Does your customer need higher density storage? We stock Rousseau modular drawers that can be added to our stock shelving today. Do you need to install drawers in your customer’s existing shelving? We can have mounting brackets for your existing shelving in 4 weeks.

We also stock several sizes of workbenches with a wide variety of accessories. Other stock products include modular cabinets, stools, slotted angle, guard rail, kee klamp pipe fittings, industrial door hardware, lockers, cabinets, rivet shelving and more.

Send us your CAD files or a bill of materials via fax or email and we can turn around your proposal quickly. United Steel Storage, Inc. has always been a wholesaler of material storage and handling equipment and always will be. We do not sell to end users, only to qualified dealers of products.

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